The Best Eyeshadow Color For Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

personality type test
personality type test
March 15, 2021 by Alina Bikmullina

by Amanda Etkind


There are many reasons why you choose a specific eye shadow color when applying your makeup. The look you’re going for that day, your skin tone, where you’re going, and your mood are huge factors, of course. But what if we said another way to choose an eyeshadow color is based on your personality type? Because, it is a thing thanks to Myers-Briggs personality types. If you’re not sure what Myers-Briggs is, we’ll give you a bit of background. It’s a popular quiz based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychology that is well-known and used for its accuracy when detailing unique characteristics of human personalities. There are four main traits that play a role into your personality type:  Extraversion (E) or Introversion (I); How you take in information, i.e. Sensing (S) or Intuition (N); How you make decisions, i.e. Thinking (T) or Feeling (F); and How you deal with the world, i.e. Judging (J) or Perceiving (P). Since your personality plays a major role in self-expression, why not use it as a marker for choosing your makeup colors. To make this easy, we paired each Myers-Briggs Type with one of our seven Metal Leaf Shadow Pots so you can match your personality to your makeup look whenever the mood strikes. 


ISTJ — Dependable, Traditional, Decisive: SMASHED CRYSTAL

You may seem a bit timid on the outside, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know exactly what you want. A classic champagne hue calls your name, like our champagne metal leaf shadow pot that flips to baby pink in a very subtle, but intentional, way–just like you.


INTJ — Innovative, Independent, Logical, Demanding: PARTY TRICK

This brilliant rose gold definitely sparkles—so INTJ’s this one’s for you. Perfect for your dependable and logical nature, this shade stands tall all on its own without going to the extreme. Just swipe across your lids for an all-over metallic finish.


ISTP — Analytical, Practical, Realistic, Adaptable: NIGHT FEVER

You may be practical, but you’re also bold. In other words, you love to try new daring looks. That’s why this shimmering navy is your go-to for testing out all sorts of smoky, subtle, or dramatic eye shadow styles. 


ISFP — Cooperative, Modest, Gentle, Loyal: MEGA-WATT

Your inner artist comes out to play more often than not—especially when it comes to your makeup looks. So why not go for a decadent yellow gold like this one for those times when you really want your bright side to shine through.   


ISFJ — Patient, Loyal, Problem Solver, Cautious: SMASHED CRYSTAL 

Some might call you a softie, but that’s just because you have a big heart and a lot of love to give. To show off your sweet, romantic side, opt for shades like this sparkling champagne duochrome that flips baby pink depending on how the light hits it. 

personality type test  

INTP — Independent, Challenging, Skeptical, Innovative: MIC DROP  

There’s no denying you’re truly unique, INTP. You're flexible, adaptable, and truly independent by nature. That’s why, this gorgeous glistening jade that flips purple was made for you.


INFJ – Compassionate, Idealistic, Imaginative, Sensitive: ALL OF THE LIGHTS

A true visionary at heart you live for expressing your creativity. Wear your personality on your eyes with this lustrous lilac hue that flips jade to put your unique qualities on full display. 


ESFP – Tolerant, Spontaneous, Playful, Friendly: DISCO BALL 

ESFP, the world is seriously your stage. You love to stand out amongst the crowd in everything you do. The shade for you? A gleaming classic silver that plays up your gorgeous eyes in a single swipe. Pair it with a wing and a touch of mascara, and you’ll turn heads everywhere you go. 

 personality type test


ENFP — Friendly, Expressive, Innovative, Energetic: ALL OF THE LIGHTS

Spontaneity is your kryptonite. You thrive by living in the moment and hate to plan. That’s why, our dazzling lilac that unexpectedly flips jade should be your shadow shade of choice. 


ENTP — Theoretical, Free-thinker, Imaginative: NIGHT FEVER

You’re whip-smart but also a dreamer. You never try the same thing twice and are always down to stand out. So swipe on this anything-but-ordinary metallic navy that gives off a leaf-like look when you tap the formula across your lids in a press and roll motion. 


ESTP — Analytical, Outgoing, Enthusiastic, Observant, Resourceful: MIC DROP

In your book, rules are meant to be broken, ESTP. So take cues from our no-so-subtle  glistening jade that flips purple when the light hits it. Pair it with glowing skin and a nude lip, to keep the focus on your lit-up lids. 

 personality type test


ESTJ — Responsible, Efficient, Assertive, Realistic: PARTY TRICK

You’re quick on your feet, and don’t like to waste time. It makes sense why our one-swipe-wonder rose gold shadow is right up your alley. Wear it with a nude or a pop of red to really make an impact with little to no effort. 


ESFJ — Warm, Appreciative, Outgoing, Loyal: SMASHED CRYSTAL

ESFJ, popular is pretty much the only word to describe you. You love to glow without grabbing too much attention. To have your makeup look match your personality, just swipe on our champagne duochrome that flips baby pink. Get ready for all your loyal fans to eat their heart out.


ENFJ — Collaborative, Supportive, Organized, Persuasive: DISCO BALL

Known as the leader of the pack, you like everyone else to follow your lead. You want to be taken seriously, but don’t want to lose your unique touch.  Your perfect shade? This stunning silver that looks polished but still pops. Don’t be surprised if everyone around you snatches up this shadow for themselves. 


ENTJ — Strategic, Questioning, Structured, Challenging: MEGA-WATT

If there was ever an eyeshadow for you it be this one. This rich vibrant yellow gold is both creative and classic, depending how you look at it. Swipe it on with your finger for an all-over metallic effect or press, and roll for a true foiled leaf-like finish. 


INFP — Flexible, Spontaneous, Imaginative: PARTY TRICK

A true daydreamer, you’re passionate about spreading happiness—even in little ways. Let your makeup look bring you (and those around you) instant joy when you wear this stunning rose-tinged gold on your lids.

While all seven of our Metal Leaf Shadow Pots are seriously gorgeous (I mean, have you seen that shine?!), reach for the one that best suits your Myers-Briggs personality type next time you’re doing your makeup. We’re sure you’ll feel like your true and best self after just one swipe.

Metal Leaf Shadow Pot in Shadow Pot
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