All About Carrot Seed Oil—and Why It’s In Our Threeway Lip Oils

carrot seed oil
carrot seed oil
November 13, 2020 by Alina Bikmullina
by Amanda Etkind

Maybe it’s because our parents always drilled the benefits of eating carrots into our brains at a young age, but we’ve always known that the vegetable is good for us. While the crunchy cruditeé has been dubbed the magic solution for keeping your vision 20-20, they benefit more than just your eyesight. Carrot seed oil, to be exact, has popped up in our serums, oils, and lippies as of late—and we’re most certainly not mad about it.

The nutrient-dense veggie used as a carrier for hummus (and ranch dressing, of course) packs powerful anti-aging benefits when used topically. So it’s no surprise that it’s one of the main players in our Threeway Solid Lip Oils. Because of this we decided to spill ~all~ of the tea about what carrot seed oil is, how it impacts your skin, and exactly where you can find it to take full advantage of its major benefits for your skin and lips.



We’ll cut to the chase. Basically, carrot seed oil is the essential oil extract derived from the dried seeds of the Daucus Carota—a fancy name for wild carrot plant. But it also has a more regal moniker, too, and is known as “Queen Anne's Lace.” The regal flowering plant is grown yearly or bi-yearly and has hairy leaves and umbrella-shaped white lacy flowers with purple centers.

If you’re in the U.S. you’re probably most accustomed to the orange variety which we can thank 17th century Dutch agriculturists for. Mutations were crossbred until these agriculturists created the perfect orange color as an homage to the Dutch Royal Family. But did you know there are other varieties? Purple, yellow, white, and red carrots also exist and were said to originally be cultivated in central Asia, Middle-Eastern countries, and France.



Tbh, this oil is somewhat of a miracle ingredient. The extract has shown to have antibacterial, antifungal, anti inflammatory, and antioxidant properties that help to revitalize and reawaken your complexion. That means your skin will be firmer, fresher, and overall healthier after using it consistently. What’s the secret sauce? Well, it’s rich in carotene and vitamin A, which are both highly-effective antioxidants. Paired with supremely moisturizing vitamin E and protective vitamin C, these antioxidants work together to help your skin appear younger—and overall its best.



You’d be surprised! Carrot seed oil may not be the most well-known ingredient like say watermelon seed oil, but it actually can be found in many of your beauty go-tos like cleansers, masks, moisturizers, serums, and even lipsticks. While it’s certainly on the DL on the beauty market, we realized it’s nourishing, revitalizing and rejuvenating properties early on and tapped them to add to our Threeway Nourishing Lip Oil formula. One swipe of these multitasking lippies gives you the shine of a gloss, color intensity of a lipstick.

Whether you’re interested in adding it to your skincare routine, or are seeking its revitalizing benefits for your lips, you won’t be disappointed with its youth-boosting effects for your skin, lips, and beyond.

Threeway Solid Lip Oil in Lip Oil
Threeway Solid Lip Oil x James Goldcrown
Threeway Solid Lip Oil x James Goldcrown in Lip Oil
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