Everything You Need to Know About our NEW Metal Leaf Shadow Pots

metal leaf
metal leaf
February 26, 2021 by Alina Bikmullina
by Amanda Etkind


Regardless of your beauty aesthetic, a good metallic eye shadow is a must in any makeup bag. Not just because it's 2021 and the lower half of our faces are now covered by masks, but also, playing up your eyes with a swipe of foiled color can really make them shine. There are so many metallic eye shadow formulas available, but many have a bad rap for being crumbly, creasy, and having major fallout. Instead of settling for one of these subpar formulas (because we would never), we set out to create our version: one that has that stunning high-impact shine and stays put—without that fussy application (we mean it!). Whether you’re a beauty newbie or a glam queen, our NEW Metal Leaf Shadow Pots are the perfect addition to your collection. Keep reading to learn more about our new sublime foil-like eye shadow formula that deserves a prime spot in your beauty lineup. 


What Are They?

Have you ever watched a model strut down the catwalk (America’s Next Top Model counts), and once they hit the end of the runway, their eyes catch the light showing off a mesmerizing sheen? Well, that’s the effect we were going for with our Metal Leaf Shadow Pots. Once a runway and couture-only technique used by makeup artists, these metallic pots of shine that give the eyes a gold-leaf effect are available for all. Our special hybrid cream-putty formula emulates the look that was once only achievable by makeup artists painstakingly applying actual gold leaf to models' faces. Now you can get that same look with just one swipe of our Metal Leaf Shadow Pots. 

metal leaf 

What Makes Them Unique?

Prior to formulating our Metal Leaf Shadow Pots, we were used to metallics that looked like they had amazing payoff, but once we placed them on our lids they’d be gone before the time it took to finish our iced coffee after clocking in a measly three hours of sleep. But unlike these other metallics on the market, ours last from morning to night thanks to our long-wearing formula that won’t budge, flake, or fade. Plus, you don’t need to apply a primer underneath it to make it last. It’s literally one swipe for that foiled leaf effect. 


What’s Inside?

Not only is this formula super unique (think a cream-like texture without any creasing), but unlike many other makeup brands out there, it’s packed with good-for-your-skin ingredients. We infused this brand-new formula with a duo of nourishing oils to help the application process go smoothly. First up, we have Jojoba Oil to help hydrate and reduce the look of fine lines around the eyes, which is an area of the face that typically has more creases and fine lines than others. In addition to the Jojoba Oil, we also spiked the formula with castor oil for its moisturizing properties that will keep it from drying out on your eyes and keeping fallout at bay.



How Do I Use Them?

While we were definitely inspired by the runway look that our favorite makeup artists mastered, we made sure to make our version super easy to use, no matter your level of makeup expertise. For a couture leaf-like effect, tap the formula across your lids in a press and roll motion. If you’re after more of an all-over metallic finish, try swiping the formula across your lids. Another plus? Your favorite pressed shadows layer perfectly on top of them. The Metal Leaf formula moonlights as a primer to extend the wear of your favorite pressed formulas. You can also add a  hint of glimmer on your inner/outer corners or center of the eyes with a pressing motion. 


Which Colors Are Right For Me?

Like with all makeup, it depends on your mood, but we made sure all seven shining shades look stunning on every skin tone. If you’re feeling a more subtle hue, try Party Trick (a brilliant rose gold) or Smashed Crystal (a sparkling champagne duochrome that flips baby pink). Want a standout shine in the vein of a traditional metallic shade? Reach for Mega-Watt (a decadent yellow gold) or Disco Ball (a gleaming silver). Or if you want a more daring color, we suggest swiping on Night Fever for a shimmering navy that works well on its on or layered, or two of our duochrome purples, All Of The Lights (a dazzling lilac that flips jade) and Mic Drop (a glistening jade that flips purple). 



Sold? Yeah, we thought so. Now that you have the inside scoop on our newest formula, we can’t wait to see all the looks you create with our new one-swipe-wonder Metal Leaf Shadow Pots.

Metal Leaf Shadow Pot in Shadow Pot
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