All About Cucumber Seed Oil—and Why It’s In Our Threeway Lip Oils

cucumber seed oil
cucumber seed oil
October 30, 2020 by Alina Bikmullina
by Amanda Etkind

Cucumbers are nothing new when it comes to the world of beauty. Think of any movie scene set in a spa, and you’ll recall cucumber slices draped over the main character’s eyelids in the hopes to banish dark circles and de-puff. Sure, this particular use may be a bit gimmicky, but contrary to what Princess Diaries’ Paolo may think (you know, when he deemed them as being for show in the makeover scene?), cucumbers actually do a lot when it comes to your skin.

While the actual vegetable is known to possess cooling and hydrating properties, in this case, we’re shining a spotlight on the seeds in particular. With a multitude of soothing, protective, and moisturizing benefits , it’s no wonder we put it in our nourishing oil blend found in our Threeway Lip Oils. Want to learn more? We’ve got you. Here, we share the 411 about what exactly cucumber seed oil is, why it’s good for your skin, and where exactly you can find it to get the most out of the superseed’s numerous skin benefits—and beyond.



Cucumber seed oil is the oil that is extracted from the little seeds inside the gourd. The oil itself originated in India around 3,000 years ago before migrating to China, and then made its way to Europe via the Romans. Since then, it has been used for centuries for its incredible healing and soothing powers.

To get the superstar oil we now know (and love!), the seeds are removed from the cucumber plant, cleaned, dried, and taken through a cold-pressing process to be filtered. The result? A clear yellow solution with a fresh, pleasant scent.



These tiny but mighty seeds are packed with major benefits that are transferred into the oil once extracted. The oil is rich (like, Bill Gates level) in linoleic acid, Vitamin E, and other nutrients making it an incredible ingredient for keeping the skin’s moisture barrier strong, promoting firmness and elasticity in the skin, and stimulating both cell turnover and collagen production. Essentially, this truly transformative oil helps to diminish signs of aging while promoting cell regeneration. Does it get any better than that? We certainly don’t think so.



Lucky for you, this powerhouse oil can be found in many face oils, serums, and even haircare products on the market that harness its anti-aging, hydrating, and firming benefits. We also tapped it for our Threeway Lip Oils, so you can get alllll of these bomb benefits for your lips, too. Inside our nourishing blend, it helps to hydrate lips, lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles, and promote firmness & elasticity to leave you with the lush lips of your dreams. The added bonus of a gorgeous patent leather shine-like color certainly doesn’t hurt.

Just so you know, we’re all about keeping you guys fully educated on our formulas from the inside out. And when it comes to star-powered ingredients—like cucumber seed oil—we’ll never stop waxing poetic about how much we love it for our skin, lips, and more.

Threeway Solid Lip Oil in Lip Oil
Threeway Solid Lip Oil x James Goldcrown
Threeway Solid Lip Oil x James Goldcrown in Lip Oil
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