Capricorn Queens, Here’s The Perfect Makeup Look According To Your Zodiac Sign

capricorn makeup
capricorn makeup
January 27, 2022 by Alina Bikmullina

by Amanda Etkind

Whether you check Co-Star app every day or simply know the basics of Astrology (shoutout to Susan Miller), chances are you’re somewhat interested in horoscopes, and how it impacts how you feel, act, and function on a daily, weekly, and yearly basis. You see every zodiac sign possesses certain personality traits based on exactly where the stars and planets were positioned at the time of your birth. But beyond just being a fun way to dig deep into the depths of your personality and true self, it can help guide your fashion and beauty choices, specifically your makeup. In this new series, we’ll share makeup looks that represent the special traits of each zodiac sign—with Deck Of Scarlet products to match. Because who says your makeup look can’t be written in the stars?

This month, we’re giving Capricorn queens the chance to show off their star-inspired look. This earth sign is ruled by Saturn, the planet of discipline meaning capricorns are total badasses in work, life and love. They’re professional, quick-witted, and love to take the reins in any and every situation. They’re always willing to go the extra mile and never leave a task incomplete. That’s why we love the idea of a fierce cat eye combined with a piercing red lip. Read on to learn how to recreate the look all on your own. 


Eye contact is how you command the room, Capricorns. So why not amplify your sensational stare with a fierce feline flick that speaks volumes all on its own. Using our Dual Drama Liquid Eyeliner ($28), you can create an inky black cat eye in just a few flicks. The formula is even transfer-proof, so it won’t budge all day or night long. Start by dragging a line across your upper lash line, winging it out as you reach the crease. Go back and fill in any sparse spots. Finish off your mesmerizing eye look with an ultra-black mascara. 



The eyes and lips may be the star of your look, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also emphasize your killer cheekbones. Accentuating your cheekbones balances out the strong eye and lip to create a cohesive look. Reach for our [Mist]ake Proof Bronzer ($36) in a shade that’s two shades darker than your natural complexion. Illicit and Tantric shades work best for fair to medium skin tones while Carnal and Untamed shades are made for deeper complexions. To get started, vigorously shake  the bottle, then spray the formula onto the Double Take Face Brush ($32) or a beauty sponge of your choice. Draw a precise line starting slightly below the tops of your cheekbones, stopping once you get to the outer corners of your eyes. Lastly, blend the color out to ensure it looks air-brushed. 




Show off your over-the-top personality with a bold and badass red lip.  We love our classic blue-based red aptly named Scarlet Passion from our Threeway Solid Lip Oil ($28) offerings. This multitasking 3-in-1 lip product is perfect for Capricorns,  since it’s an overachiever in and of itself. It acts as a lip oil, gloss and lipstick all in one.  



Capricorn baddies, share your Deck Of Scarlet makeup look with us on Instagram @DeckOfScarlet so we can see how TKTK.

Dual Drama Liquid Eyeliner in Eyeliner
Threeway Solid Lip Oil in Lip Oil
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