NEW! The Over-Arching Brow Kit Has Dropped

brow kit
brow kit
April 25, 2022 by Marina Ljubisavljevic

Toss out all the brow products collecting at the bottom of your makeup bag—they’ve officially been replaced with our Over-Arching Brow Kit ($38). This streamlined compact houses everything you need to create a variety of brow looks, whether you’re going for a feathered effect, an almost-laminated finish, or hopping on the skinny brow trend. The setting balm, micro-fine brow pencil, and brow shading powder are all designed to work in tandem to create a customized finish, whether you’re using the products solo, or layered as intended. 

While the idea of a brow setting balm may seem like a new concept, the formula is a nod to the soap once used to groom brows on the sets of Old Hollywood films. Armed with a toothbrush and a bar of soap, makeup artists would sculpt the brows of starlets to impart a fuller, fluffier appearance. The problem with using actual soap, however, is that the effect isn’t as long-lasting, and can flake off after a few hours of wear. That’s why we formulated our special sculpting wax, which sets brows into place and enhances your natural set, without the issues faced by old school soap-based formulas. To use, simply dampen the bristle end of the Fluff + Feather brush, swirl it in the balm to activate it, then brush your brows into place. Flip the brush over to the fine-toothed comb end to further define your arches and distribute the product.

How you choose to customize your arches from there is totally up to you. Here, we’ve outlined 5 different brow looks you can create with our kit, though the options certainly don’t end there. 

The Feathered Look

Brush the brow setting balm through your natural set, directing hairs in an upward motion. Allow the balm to dry, and you’re good to go.


brow kit



The Full Look 

After brushing through your brows with the setting balm and allowing it to dry, use the angled end of the Fluff + Feather brush to pick up the brow powder, and fill in sparse areas. Brush through with either the fine-toothed comb or spoolie brush on the brow pencil to distribute the powder. 


brow kit



The Laminated Look

Start by brushing through your brows with the setting balm, and once the formula has dried, use the micro-fine brow pencil to draw in super-fine strokes, mimicking the direction of your own natural hairs.



brow kit




The Bold Look

This look basically combines the full look with the extra detail of the laminated look. Start by applying the brow setting balm, brushing hairs in an upward direction, then use the angled end of the Fluff + Feather brush to apply the brow powder in any sparse areas. Finish by picking up the pencil, adding hair-like strokes around the shape of your brow, then comb through with the spoolie end to distribute the product evenly and smooth out any stuck hairs. 



brow kit

The Skinny Brow

Use the brow pencil to trace the shape of your natural set and impart a skinny appearance, then brush through with a small amount of the brow setting balm to secure the hairs in place. 

Now that you’ve gotten the breakdown on how to rock various looks, take the Over-Arching Brow Kit for a spin yourself, and tag us at @deckofscarlet on IG so we can see all the brow finishes you create.

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