The Scoop On Hyaluronic Acid

best hyaluronic acid serum
best hyaluronic acid serum
October 5, 2020 by Alina Bikmullina
by Amanda Etkind

It’s that hard-to-pronounce ingredient in almost every skincare product you have, and is widely considered the ultimate for hydrating your complexion, but what exactly is it? Hyaluronic acid (also known as HA, if you’re on that level with it) is an essential for keeping everything smooth, plump, and glowy, but fun fact: It’s also a naturally-occurring molecule your skin already produces.

Don’t be fooled by the “acid” moniker — a far cry from those acid-infused chemical exfoliants on your vanity, HA’s main purpose is to soothe and hydrate on contact, rather than getting rid of dead skin cells. The nourishing ingredient also packs major benefits when used on areas like your face and lips.

As one of the main ingredients in Deck of Scarlet’s Threeway Solid Lip Oils, we put together a detailed guide explaining exactly what hyaluronic acid is, what it does, and where you can find it. Keep reading to learn more about one of our favorite skin-loving ingredients.


Aside from being the key to smooth, hydrated skin, hyaluronic acid is a sugar substance that occurs naturally in the body. We’re not talking about the sugary snacks found in your 3 pm snack drawer. The hydrating molecule holds 1000x its weight in water and acts like a sponge to attract moisture to the specific area where it’s applied.



Long story short, this water-loving molecule helps to keep your skin looking *really* dewy, plump, and fresh — even when your skin can’t do it on its own. Because thanks to little things like life, the natural ageing process, and environmental stressors, the hyaluronic acid in our skin depletes over time.

“HA (hyaluronic acid) is critical in maintaining skin hydration,” Dr. Maraym Zamani says in Elle. “Although it can be degraded by free radical mechanisms caused by things like UV exposure, when topically applied, it helps to hydrate the skin and maintain this hydration as a humectant.”

Simply put, once HA is applied to your skin, it acts like a moisture magnet (also known as a humectant) by drawing water from the air and helping it retain as much hydration as possible. In doing so, it can help plump up skin lessening the look of wrinkles and fine lines on your face, as well as those pesky lines on your lips.


Just like that non-problematic friend in high school who could seamlessly blend within any clique, hyaluronic acid plays well with every skin type. It helps soothe irritation for breakout-prone skin, boosts moisture levels for dry skin, and acts as a tall drink of water for dehydrated skin. Because HA doesn’t exfoliate your complexion in the way other acids can, it’s gentle enough to use every day. In fact, we’d recommend it.


Hyaluronic acid can be found in countless moisturizers, serums, masks, foundations and even many lip products on the market. Take a closer look at the ingredients of the products in your current lineup — it’s very likely it’s already there.

It’s also a main ingredient in our new Threeway Solid Lip Oil, which fuses the powers of a nourishing lip oil with the intensity of a lipstick and high-shine finish of a gloss. Thanks to the hyaluronic acid used in the formula, your pout stays plump and hydrated while the ingredient works overtime to help minimize the appearance of lines. Love at first swipe may not have happened for us on Tinder, but we’re pretty confident it’ll work out with this multitasking 3-in-1 wonder.

Whether you’re using hyaluronic acid to boost an otherworldly glow, or nurse chapped lips back to a more moisturized state, one thing is certain: The ingredient is definitely a staple in our routine, and the numerous ways to incorporate it ensure your skin and lips always stay hydrated.

Threeway Solid Lip Oil in Lip Oil
Threeway Solid Lip Oil x James Goldcrown
Threeway Solid Lip Oil x James Goldcrown in Lip Oil
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