March 26, 2021


beauty squad nessa sunshine


Deck Of Scarlet is all about using makeup as a means of self-expression, and today we'd like to introduce you to someone who does so effortlessly — Nessa Sunshine (@nessasunshine). Nessa is a proud Scarlet Girl who knows how to live her life boldly and she shows that with her makeup looks everyday.

Keep reading to discover more about Nessa's signature look, her journey as a content creator, and her favourite beauty products.


Describe your vibe using only emojis.

🦋 🎨 🏆

Where do you live/where are you based?

The Greater Los Angeles Area

Tell us how you got started as a content creator.

I started in 2014 to express myself through makeup and diligently pursued it as a career.

What is your go-to THREEWAY Solid Lip Oil Shade and why?

Rose Goddess and Buff Rose, mixed because they create my perfect lip shade, but I LOVE ALL of the lip oils so much! They are one of my favorite Deck of Scarlet products yet!

What's something you're interested in doing more after quarantine?

Wow, after quarantine I’m interested in freely and deeply enjoying outside experiences.


What is your favorite Deck of Scarlet look?

[MIST]AKE Proof Bronzer in Carnal, and THREEWAY Solid Lip Oils in Buff Rose and Nude Ambition. I also used the Edition No. 20 palette and Pumpkin Spice Eyeliner from subscription.


What's some BOLD advice you have for women (and our femme fam)? How can they live their life boldly like you?

Passionately pursue what you love!