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General inquiries
  • Are professional makeup artists offered any discounts?

    Deck of Scarlet is solely a subscription service and does not offer one-time purchases as of yet, so we currently do not offer any pro discounts.

  • Can I still purchase your product(s) without a subscription?

    Yes, you can! Non-subscribers can purchase available palettes for $44.95 each through our à la carte option. Just head over to our collection, add to your cart, and checkout!
    (Note: You must have an active subscription to receive new palettes for $29.95 USD each as this rate is a subscriber exclusive.)

  • I just subscribed but I would like to buy the last subscription palette. Can I do that?

    Absolutely! To order a previous palette, simply head over to our collection and you’ll be able to checkout through our à la carte option. (Note: Any palettes ordered outside of your bi-monthly subscription are priced at the à la carte rate of $44.95 USD each.)

  • Do you charge sales tax?

    We charge sales tax for residents of the state of New York and Georgia since we have operations in those states as it is required by law. However, we do not charge sales tax for residents of other states.

  • Do you have a rewards or referral program where I can earn free stuff?

    We don’t have a referral program in place just yet, but we’re working on it! We’ll be adding one shortly and we’ll keep you posted.

  • The colors of the product(s) I ordered look different than what is shown on your website. Why is that?

    The images provided on our website will represent the colors as accurately as possible, however, the actual color may slightly vary depending on changes in screen resolutions, skin complexions, and lighting.

  • How can I reach customer support or someone at Deck of Scarlet?

    For all customer support inquiries, our primary mode of support and the best way to reach us is via email at [email protected] or via Facebook PM. Send us a message anytime, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 24-48 business hours). Our Scarlet Gurus are always happy to help with any issues you're experiencing!

For cancellations, you may also contact +1 (212) 470-7774.

  • How does Deck of Scarlet work?

    Every two months we collaborate with a YouTuber vlogger to create a new makeup palette. Each palette is trendy, season-appropriate and designed to help you achieve multiple looks. As a subscriber, you are billed $29.95 on a bi-monthly* basis to receive the featured palette and up to two additional makeup products (an $80 value), with access to educational tutorials using all of the products you’ll receive!

    *Please see billing section for more information on our billing schedule.

  • How do I know what I’m getting in each shipment?

    Each shipment will contain our featured palette and up to two additional full-sized makeup products. When you begin your subscription, you’ll have the option to choose your first palette during check out. After you’ve received your first palette, you’ll receive an e-mail to preview each new palette one week before it launches. You’ll have 5 days before billing to skip the next palette if you would like to opt out. To opt in, simply do nothing! You’ll be billed according to schedule and your next palette will be shipped shortly after. Our palettes are launched under the following schedule:

    Edition 00November - December 2016
    Edition 0January - February 2017
    Edition 01March - April 2017
    Edition 02May - June 2017
    Edition 03July - August 2017
    … and so forth!
  • Can I skip a shipment?

    We’ll send you a sneak peek of each palette before billing you. You will have up to 5 days to opt out, otherwise, you will be billed as usual. To opt out of the next palette, please log into your account and visit your account settings.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    We’ll be sad to see you go! You may cancel your subscription any time by contacting support at [email protected].

    Please note that your cancellation will not refund any incurred subscription billing. For example, if you have been charged for your first palette or if you have been charged for your recurring billing, you will still receive that shipment and your cancellation will only prevent any charges or shipments for future billing cycles.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Please note that once your first order has been placed or once you are billed for a recurring charge, we are unable to offer any refunds or cancel that order.

    If you do not wish to be billed for future palettes, your subscription must be cancelled prior to the next billing cycle. To view the next billing date, please log into your account and visit your profile.

  • When will my order ship?

    First time orders:
    If this is your first order, please allow up to 20 business days for your order to ship depending on when your order was placed, and another 7-10 business days for delivery.

    Recurring Orders:
    All recurring orders leave our warehouse mid-month, and usually arrive 7-10 business days after they ship. We ship in batches, and delivery time can vary each month, so your order could arrive during the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week of the month.

    You’ll receive a tracking email once your shipment is on its way to you so you can follow your order’s progress!

  • How will my order be shipped?

    Your order may ship via DHL, USPS or Fedex and may vary due to how your shipment is processed at our fulfillment warehouse.

  • How long are the transit times?

    Once your order has shipped, transit time generally takes 7-10 business days for orders shipping within the US and 10-14 business days for orders shipping within Canada and U.K. Please note that your order can take a bit longer to arrive during holiday schedules or during inclement weather conditions.

    Non-continental U.S. states and U.S. territories:
    * Alaska and Hawaii shipments are processed like any other state, but the delivery times are generally a bit longer.
    * As Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana Islands are considered unincorporated U.S. territories, these shipments are processed differently due to courier regulations, and as such, delivery times may be considerably longer.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    We offer shipping to US, Canada, and U.K. residents. We’ll expand our shipping options to more countries down the line, so be sure to check back!

  • How much does shipping cost?

    We offer free shipping within the US. For orders shipped to Canada and U.K. addresses, a $7.00 USD flat-rate shipping fee will apply.

  • My package was marked as delivered, but I never received it.

    USPS may sometimes incorrectly scan shipments as ‘delivered’ once they’ve reached your local post-office before the shipment actually reaches you. No worries - this shouldn’t affect the delivery of your shipment, and your package will most likely be delivered within a few business days. We recommend checking with nearby neighbors and/or your local post office for more information in the meantime!

  • Why is my tracking number inactive?

    Tracking numbers can take 24-48 hours to activate before they display any updates on the courier’s website. If after 48 hours your tracking link still appears inactive, the barcode on your shipment label may have been marked or scratched during transit which will not allow it to scan properly. However, this does not affect the delivery of your shipment.

  • Why does my shipment appear to be stuck in transit?

    The shipping couriers that we use to send out shipments will handle the shipment in transit to your city and your shipment is then handed off to USPS to make the final delivery. Your tracking status may not change for a few business days during this transition but should not affect the final delivery.

  • When will my à la carte order ship?

    À la carte orders are processed within 2 business days from when your order is placed.

  • When will I be billed?

    Your first payment will be taken out as soon as you subscribe. Recurring billing generally occurs on the 1st of the next billing month. To view the next billing date, please log into your account and visit your profile.

    Please note: If you subscribe on or after the 15th of the month prior to our next billing month, your second subscription charge will occur on the 15th of the following month. We do this so that you are not billed too soon after your first charge while syncing you in on our fixed bi-monthly billing schedule in a way that is most convenient to you. After your second charge, all charges moving forward will be on the 1st of each billing month. Our recurring billing months will follow in this schedule:

    January 2017
    March 2017
    May 2017
    July 2017
    … and every (2) months so forth!

    For example, if you subscribe on December 26th, your first charge will be at checkout for your first palette. Your second charge will be on January 15th for your second palette. Your third charge will be on March 1st for your third palette, and all charges will be made on the 1st of every two months moving forward (May, July, etc).

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. We do not accept cash, checks, money orders, prepaid cards, or cards with international billing addresses.

Product / ingredients
  • Where are your products manufactured?

    Our products are manufactured in USA, Germany, France and Canada.

  • Are your products cruelty free?

    Yes, our products are 100% cruelty free! We heart animals.

  • Are your products vegan?

    Some of our products may contain animal products, but ingredient listings will be clearly noted on our website and packaging for reference.

  • Are your products paraben free?

    Yes! Our products are paraben free.

  • Are your products gluten free?

    Our products do not claim to be gluten-free, so please be sure to check the ingredient listing prior to ordering.

  • Are your products hypoallergenic?

    Our products do not claim to be hypoallergenic, so please be sure to check the ingredient listing prior to ordering.

  • What should I do if I have an allergic reaction?

    We strongly advise reviewing the ingredient listings provided on our website prior to ordering. If you experience any allergic reactions, please seek medical attention from your health care physician right away.

Returns / exchanges
  • Do you offer returns or exchanges?

    We do not accept returns or offer refunds on subscription charges. However, we stand by the quality of our products and we will happily accommodate an exchange for any damaged or defective products!

  • My order arrived damaged. What should I do?

    We’re so sorry to hear that! Please contact us at [email protected] right away and submit an image of your damaged shipment for quality assurance purposes. (Please note that you must contact us within 15 days of your delivery to qualify for a replacement.) We’ll take care of the rest!